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Connecting Corridors

About Connecting Corridors

Kansaro-Barkot is a 2.5km long and 2km wide corridor connecting the Kansora range of the reserve that run across the Song River to the Dehradun Forest Division. Apart from illicit felling and grazing, this area also faces a threat from heavy road traffic on the busy Dehradun-Haridwar(NH 58) which runs for about 6km crucial elephant corridor.

The Teenpani Corridor connents motichur range of the reserve to Rishikesh range of Dehradun Forest Division. However, there is heavy vehicular traffic on NH 72 and the settlements of Jogiwala, Chidderwala and Golatappar are causing immense anthropogenic pressure in this area. An overpass is under construction on the highway that passes through these settlements which might reduce vehicular traffic on the road.

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